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Here are 10 of the best used electric cars to buy


And if we’re going to talk about the car that changed the game, it wouldn’t do anyone any favours to overlook the car that’s let the most people play it. Yep, it’s the Model 3 – the best-selling electric car of all time, the first electric car to sell more than a million, and the car that, quite literally, brought the full impact of Tesla home for more people than ever before.

As before, we’re going to have to address the woolly mammoth waiting impatiently in the corner: build quality. If anything, the Model 3’s frantic production ramp-up and bigger build numbers make it the poster child for Tesla’s fit and finish foibles.

We’re not saying this is a Tesla thing or even an American-made thing; this is purely a new-company thing – especially one that’s focusing on a million and seven things at once.  

Also, the joke of American ‘that’ll do’ engineering is utter nonsense. We’re pretty sure a country whose home-made output includes the likes of Filson, Grado, LL Bean, Taylor, Dickies, Carhartt, Maglight, Fender, Redwing, Zippo, North Face, Leatherman, Airstream, Taylor Stitch, Martin, Weber and Steinway has a deep enough talent pool to a) know what quality is, and b) know how to achieve it.

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