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Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Arriving In India In July 2023 – ZigWheels

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  • Ocean SUV offers 440-630km of range depending on the variant. 

  • Equipped with features such as a solar roof, HyperSound audio system, revolving central display, and autonomous driving capabilities. 

  • The Ocean SUV costs the equivalent of Rs 31-56 lakh in the USA.

  • Top-spec One could cost nearly Rs 1 crore in India (ex-showroom). 

After having established a technology centre in Hyderabad, USA-based carmaker Fisker will debut the Ocean electric vehicle (EV) in India in July 2023. Production of the electric SUV has already begun in Austria and of the 60,000 SUVs booked globally, some are bound for our shores. 

We aren’t sure how many units of the SUV, or which of its variants, will come to India, but we do know that at least the first batch will be brought in via the CBU (completely built-up unit) route. 

Fisker Ocean SUV features 

The Ocean SUV is a luxury electric SUV that’s packed with cutting-edge technology and features. It’s offered in ‘Sport’, ‘Ultra’ and ‘Extreme’ trim levels, apart from a first-series, fully loaded ‘One’ edition whose limited set of 5,000 units have already been accounted for.

It offers features such as a solar roof that can harvest enough energy to add over 3,000km of range per year, depending on the weather conditions. Other than that, the SUV also offers a premium Fisker HyperSound audio system, autonomous driving capabilities and a vehicle-to-load feature that can power a house with the EV’s battery.

Additionally, its minimalistic but premium cabin makes use of sustainable materials and the 17.1-inch central display can rotate to switch between portrait and landscape orientation. 

How much will Fisker Ocean cost in India?

In its home market of the United States of America and in Europe, the Ocean SUV is available (to reserve) at prices ranging from around Rs 31 lakh to Rs 56 lakh. That said, a fully loaded Ocean will be quite pricey when imported to India as a CBU, owing to our high rates of taxation. The SUV, currently produced in Austria, could be almost Rs 1 crore (ex-showroom) when it arrives here next year. 

Fisker Inc is also looking to establish presence in India, starting in 2023, by way of metro city-based showrooms to introduce the brand to potential customers.

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We’ll have more information about Fisker’s plans for India over this weekend, so watch out for our interview-based story. The carmaker also has a relatively affordable Pear EV in the works that could be a Hyundai Kona and MG ZS EV rival.

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