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Tesla Model S Owners Share Their Disappointments With the Car on Social Media

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Our first case came from Ankara, Turkey. Crypto Violin (@Cryptoviolin) shared a video on Twitter showing how he found his Model S after traveling abroad for about one month. Make sure you check it below and the screenshots we extracted from it. Crypto Violin said he “just returned to a rotten mushroom Tesla.” He tagged Elon Musk and asked the Tesla CEO what was going on with the company.

The steering wheel, door panels, seat belts, headliner, and pillar trims are full of mold. On the vehicle’s floor, we can see paper mats, which indicate the Model S was probably washed before it was parked. Did water invade the cabin? That would explain the mold. In a vehicle where moisture may invade the battery pack and demand a $20,000 replacement, perhaps fungus growing in the interior is the least of the owner’s problems. Professional cleaners took six hours to get rid of that mess. Crypto Violin said he will sell the car anyway to buy a Model S Plaid.

We have bad news for him. On Twitter, Fahim ELN (@FahimEln) shared images of a Model S before delivery. As Tesla investors started suggesting he made up the story because he likes NIO, he stated the photos came from Ashil Patel, who published the pictures on the Tesla Owners Worldwide Facebook group.

In his post, Patel asked the help of other group members to “find a way to get Elon to see this because this is ridiculous.” The Model S would be the third Tesla in his family, ordered a year and a half ago. Patel paid $160,000 on the car, which suggests it is a Model S Plaid. Every time he had a delivery date, Tesla postponed it until September 18.

Patel went to the Springfield Tesla Service Center and was flabbergasted by what he found. The pictures show a broken right taillight, misaligned panels, apparent welds in places where there should be nothing, bruised, scratched or missing paint, deformed headrests, torn bits in the seats, stained leather, scratched plastic cladding, and deformed rubber trims.

The Tesla client complained about the issues, and the manager “would not even come outside to look at all the problems in the car.” His excuse was that he was short on staff, and he recommended that Patel should take delivery of the Model S and schedule an appointment to get everything fixed. Patel refused that and was told “to go order another car.”

We have no idea if Elon Musk will ever watch Crypto Violin’s video or see the pictures Patel wanted to show him. Anyway, he should. Musk should also care.

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