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Telangana government plans integrated app for EV users

EV charging station

Express News Service

HYDERABAD: An integrated app for EV users is being designed exclusively for Telangana and is likely to be launched within three months. The app will help eco-friendly vehicle users reach the nearest charging station, learn about the real-time status of the stations, whether the stations are packed with vehicles, how much time it would take to fully charge the EV and also suggest another station where they can quickly charge their vehicle.

Since EV is an emerging technology, most users are not aware of charging stations and existing infrastructure. At this juncture, an app would be helpful to guide the public to locate the nearest charging station.  Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Cooperation (TSREDCO), which is a State Nodal Agency for implementation of public EV charging stations has finalised a tender for bringing up the app.

Speaking to Express, TSREDCO Managing Director N Janaiah said that the integrated app will be ready by the time new EV charging stations are launched. “A total of 138 EV charging stations are being established in the State including 118 in Hyderabad and the app will tag all of them and will be launched even if 20 of them are ready,” he added.

“We are exploring different horizons to create more awareness about EVs and how it would help motorists. We are coming up with various initiatives such as expos, road shows and encouraging stakeholders with awards for their best practices to promote EVs in the State,” he said.

Officials said that there will also be a review section in the app where the general public can know about the best available EVs amongst two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the market and see the feedback from users about their performance.

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