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Thundertruck Is A Proposed EV Pickup Goes From 4 To 6 Wheels

thundertruck is a proposed ev pickup goes from 4 to 6 wheels

The automotive world is ripe for disruption and automakers are building some of the most interesting vehicles in decades. Thanks to electric powertrains and rapidly advancing battery tech more and more small manufacturers are entering the fray. The latest unique truck comes from Wolfgang’s new IP Division which focuses on innovative creations and cutting-edge design. Their new Thundertruck design shows a unique take on the rapidly developing EV truck revolution with features we’ve never seen on a truck before.

Experimenting with new car features in this exciting design exercise shows us what the future of trucks could be. The Thundertruck takes the concept of an EV all-terrain truck to a new level with interesting concepts executed in beautiful 3D renders that show us a one-of-a-kind take on the future of off-roading.

Building a production vehicle is far more difficult than rendering exciting ideas into a proposed vehicle. The lack of constraint on the renderings allows designers to let their minds run wild and think of unimpeded ideas. Take for example the range extender for the Thundertruck which is an additional set of wheels that connects to the rear of the Thundertruck. This unique feature adds 160 miles of range for a total of 560 miles of range. The range extender also turns the Thundertruck into a 6×6 with even more off-road ability.

Other unique features include a massive solar awning that helps charge your truck during long Overlanding treks. It also makes camping easy and comfortable with the additional shade from the awning. This practical EV truck is the perfect demonstration of how trucks of the future could give customers even more capable thanks to their EV construction. 

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