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Morganton looks to join Valdese in offering electric vehicle charging stations



While the federal government is taking steps toward making electric cars more prominent, so is the city of Morganton.

Three electric vehicle charging stations soon will find their homes in Morganton — one slower charging station and two fast charging stations, said Phillip Lookadoo, director of development and design for the city of Morganton.

The fast charging stations, which will cost about $140,000 each, will be funded mostly by a state grant made available after the state settled a lawsuit against Volkswagen, Lookadoo said. One of the stations will be on North College Street at Martha’s Park and the other will be on Bush Drive at Starbucks.

The other charging station, which will be located at the Burke County Chamber of Commerce on East Meeting Street, will be partly funded by a Smart Communities Grant from ElectriCities. The remainder of the funding, a little more than $6,000, will be paid by the city, according to Lookadoo and information previously provided by the city.

The fast charging stations can get someone a full charge in 60-90 minutes, depending on the vehicle, Lookadoo said, while the other charging station would take about four hours to get someone a full charge.

“Being part of ElectriCities … being a city with electric utilities … we are interested in promoting electric use, and also I think it’s a response to the market,” Lookadoo said. “You’re seeing a lot more electric vehicles every day being advertised. All you have to do is log onto the internet … for a while, we’ve seen the Ford Lightning, you’ve seen GMC rolling them out, Toyota rolling them out, all the other manufacturers are rolling them out.”

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