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The Munro EV Is a New Scottish Off-Roader With the Heart of a Warrior

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No other EV brand seems to be tackling the same segment of the market that Munro is. This small Scottish company is looking to become the farmers next-gen Land Rover but without all the breaking down, complicated controls, and hassle of owning an internal combustion vehicle. The folks from Fifth Gear say that it’s a serious off-roader too.

Take one look at the large EV market right now and it all seems to have one thing in common; super-advanced technology. That’s not a knock either. The tech found in the latest Tesla Model S Plaid or the Porsche Taycan has proven that electric cars can be fast and fun.

Then there’s stuff like the Rivian R1T or the Hummer EV. Both of those vehicles have proven that electrification doesn’t spell the end of going where the road runs out. Still, they’re all so bloody expensive and they’re so focused on being more than just vehicles. They’re luxurious multi-tools.

The Munro EV is the opposite. Sure, it’s likely to come with a hefty price tag since it’s out of a new startup EV maker but hear us out. It’s a work vehicle through and through. It’s meant to take over for an ICE work SUV or truck and do a better job.

With 215-horsepower and 237 lb-ft of torque it gives farmers and other workers enough power to go off-road easily. Thanks to a 150+ mile range, it can do it all day too. Recharges take just 30 minutes according to Munro. It also offers a 2,200-pound(1,000kg) payload capacity.

Just watch in the video below as this big boxy SUV goes places that would frighten a lot of classic off-roaders. Munro says that they’ll take care of these vehicles wherever you live on the globe too. This is a whole new segment that we’re excited to see fulfilled. Might as well be by a Scottish company that knows what work is all about.

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