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22 of the most anticipated electric vehicles coming in 2022

2022 EV Lineup

Here we sit on the precipice of 2022, which is hopefully a shiny new start and not “2020 II.” One of the more optimistic outlooks we can share in the new year is the prospect of further EV adoption, led by an absolute slew of new EV models from all of the major names in vehicles. Below are some of the most anticipated electric vehicles scheduled to arrive in 2022, along with a little blurb about each so you can start planning which ones you want to test drive first.

Electric Vehicles expected to arrive in 2022

In compiling this list, we admittedly had to take a step back for a second and admire how large it truly is and how impactful so many of these electric vehicles could be to consumers in 2022.

Some may be starting to trickle out to customers now as we slam the book shut on 2021, but overall, these are 2022/2023 models that (should) be available to consumers in the next twelve months.

They are sorted alphabetically by automaker to simplify things. Plus, we’re not here to play favorites, we’re here to get you hyped for all the EV options that will soon be available to you.

electric vehicles 2022

BMW iX xDrive50

Kicking things off is BMW and its upcoming iX electric “sports activity vehicle.” Originally introduced as a concept EV called the iNext that would compete with the Tesla Model 3, consumers were excited to see an electrified 3 series expected to hit the market priced around $40,000.

Unfortunately for those drivers, the iNext evolved into the luxury crossover iX we see today, which will arrive at a starting MSRP of $82,300 without any taxes or destination fees. Still, the iX promises dual-motor AWD delivering 516 HP, 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, and 300 miles of range. It can also recoup up to 90 miles of range in just ten minutes of DC fast charging.

The BMW iX xDrive50 is expected to arrive in Europe shortly, followed by the US in March of 2022.

Cadillac Lyriq

The Cadillac Lyriq will be the first electric vehicle to debut for the marque and will sit upon GM’s BEV3 platform – part of its parent company’s decried strategy to release 20 new EVs by 2023.

Since making its official debut in August of 2020, we have learned (and covered) much about the Lyriq, including its three-foot display, Heads Up AR Display, and infotainment system aimed to compete with Tesla’s UX.

Following a production unveiling this past August, we learned the Cadillac Lyriq will also start just below $60k at $58,795. As a result, the Lyriq sold out in just 19 minutes. As we anticipate deliveries in 2022, Cadillac has recently shared footage of its latest prototype before entering full-fledged production.

Initial deliveries of the Lyriq in the US are expected to begin in March of 2022.

Canoo batteries

Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle

Canoo may not be a household name compared to some of the other automakers on this list, but it could be someday given its proprietary technology and unique designs. With multiple electric vehicles already unveiled and planned through 2023, Canoo’s Lifestyle Vehicle will be the first to arrive for the company.

This makes sense given the Lifestyle Vehicle was the first EV the company unveiled, all the way back to its startup days as EVelozcity. Canoo describes its Lifestyle Vehicle as “a loft on wheels,” and for good reason. The interior features 188 cubic feet of volume and seating for two to seven, surrounded by panoramic glass and a street view front window for the driver.

Starting at an MSRP of $34,750 before taxes or fees, the Lifestyle Vehicle will come available in four different packages to suit a multitude of needs, from the Delivery trim, to the loaded Adventure version. All promise at least 250 miles of range and are available for pre-order with a $100 deposit.

The Lifestyle Vehicle is expected to launch in late 2022.

Fisker Ocean

Henrik Fisker’s second iteration of an EV company donning his name seems to have gotten it right this time around with its flagship Ocean SUV. The first iteration of the Ocean was announced in 2019, amongst a bunch of other concepts Fisker was considering.

The Ocean really started to become a reality last October, when Fisker announced a deal with manufacturing juggernaut Magna International to produce the EV. Following its debut at the 2021 LA Auto Show, we were able to see the Ocean close up and learn about its three pricing tiers and unique technologies, such as a solar roof on the Ocean Extreme trim.

The FWD, 250-mile range Ocean Sport starts at just $37,499 before taxes or fees. Given the current federal tax credit in the US, those who qualify for the full amount could get an Ocean for under $30k, a huge selling point for consumers. With Magna’s help, the Ocean electric vehicles are slated to arrive in November of 2022.

Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning has the makings to be the most popular electric vehicle in 2022… and 2023, and so on. If sales of the electrified version are anything like the gasoline F-Series (best selling pickup in the US for 44 years), Ford will need to work to keep up with demand for the Lightning.

Especially since the Lightning has already garnered over 200,000 reservations, none of which include commercial customers (although it has created a separate business to support that segment too). Given Ford’s shared plans for Lightning production, it is already sold out into 2024. Ford seems to know it has a winner on its hands with the Lightning given its 230 mile standard range, home charging, and the ability to charge other EVs at Level 2 speeds.

It has already multiplied its Lightning production to meet demand, and the EV isn’t even out yet. The commercial model of the 2022 Lightning starts at an MSRP of $39,974 before any taxes or fees and goes up from there with features like the 300-mile extended battery.

According to Ford, its sales books open in January of 2022, followed by Lightning production and deliveries beginning in the spring.

Genesis GV60

Genesis is another automotive brand that has vowed to go all-electric, ending all new ICE models by 2025. To help kick off its new electric vehicle transition in 2022 is the GV60, Genesis’ first dedicated EV model, which will sit on Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform.

This crossover utility vehicle (CUV) will feature the luxury interior Genesis is know for, complete with a unique crystal sphere center control. The GV60 will come available in three powertrains, single motor 2WD, Standard AWD, and Performance AWD complete with a “boost mode,” which immediately increases the performance of the GV60’s maximum output to make driving more dynamic.

EPA ranges are not yet available on the GV60, but estimated ranges start at 280 miles followed by 249 and 229 miles for the AWD trims – all from a 77.4 kWh battery pack. We do know that the GV60 will…

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