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Tesla removes Roadster EV from official site

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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has removed its Roadster EV and its price from its official website, according to reports. Tesla had unveiled the Roadster EV back in 2017 and had also stated that it will go on sale in 2020. With the global automotive industry continuing to stare at an unprecedented chip shortage, however, many now expect Tesla to miss the previously mentioned datelines to begin the sales of Roadster EV.

The Tesla Roadster has received significant traction and many went ahead to reserve the EV for about $50,000 and also the limited-edition Founders Series model for an amount of $250,000. The removal of the EV from the official website of the company is leading to speculations that either the EV has been sold out or it might be undergoing changes in specs and in pricing structure previously announced.

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Tesla did something similar with its Cybertruck by removing the information regarding the specs and prices of the electric truck. Currently, the electric truck is undergoing testing and CEO Elon Musk has also confirmed that the Cybertruck will now come with a high-end four-motor variant.

For now, it will be difficult to guess a timeline for the Roadster launch as it can get stretched to 2023. This EV is the most delayed one from Tesla and has only been scarcely spotted on even test runs.

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When introduced in 2017, Musk had shared that this electric vehicle will come with ‘rocket thrusters’ will be the fastest in the world. The company’s site had mentioned that the electric car will be able to touch 100 kmph from zero in 1.9 seconds and will have top speed of 400 kmph. It also shared that it will come with a 200 kWh battery and a range of 1,000 km.

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