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Buying an electric car? Here’s your essential EV myth-busting holiday reading

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The holiday season is upon us, and within days many of us will be sitting around with family or friends discussing the hot topics of 2021. And what car to buy in 2022. And if it’s finally the time to buy an electric car.

Covid19 and weather events aside, it has been a big year for electric vehicles in Australia. By the end of the year, around 20,000 new electric vehicles will have been delivered to customers – the most to date and almost three times as many in 2020.

This year has seen rebates and other financial incentives for buying electric vehicles introduced for the first time by some states, while Victoria made the highly dubious choice of becoming the first jurisdiction in the world to actually tax drivers for choosing to reduce their personal transport emissions.

In part thanks to increasing acceptance of electric cars (and despite being virtually ignored in the federal government’s Future Fuel Strategy), 2022 will see more models enter the local market.

You can check out what models are expected to arrive here: EV calendar 2022: Which electric vehicles are coming … and which are not

You might be considering buying an electric car yourself, but still have some questions about how to charge it, or simply how to afford it, before making the switch.

And while it’s encouraging to see the atmosphere is warming up for electric vehicles, so to speak, this undoubtedly will go hand in hand with many intense discussions about EVs around the dinner table this summer that could require dousing with some myth-busting facts.

So it’s only fitting that we arm you with our best articles from 2021 to help you do just that:

And here are some links to help you navigate EV purchase incentives, and other ways to drive down cost:

Before you get your first electric vehicle, you might like these tips on ownership:

And finally, some recent reviews on some new EVs that have landed in Australia in 2021:

If you want to dig deeper, remember you can check out our EV models pages and FAQs. Failing all else, you might like to know that by recycling all the beer bottles sitting around the Christmas lunch table, you could drive your electric vehicle for free for a month.

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