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Considering selling Mint 2019 Model X Raven with FSD

If you wanted to buy the same configuration it would cost $120K and you’d have to wait 1.5 years.

Only 26K miles
7 Seater (note 6-7 Seater has a better AC system and the only reason we got the 7 seater, 3rd row has never been used)
Has FSD (With Beta)
Tesla is selling used 2018’s with higher miles and less range ~$100K used. This is a newer, much nicer Raven (range and suspension), much lower miles.
Build Date is September 2019 (it changed to 2020 only 3 weeks later)
Unlike newer models, this has unlimited mile warranty on Drivetrain and Battery for 8 years (current models are limited 150K miles).
It does have Unlimited Free Super charging but that is limited to original owner.
To get EPA rating, you have to do around 300 wh/mi. You can see I get very close to that over the last 20K miles and that includes some towing and Northeast weather.
The current wheels in the photos are my Winter wheels, last photo shows summer wheels.
I have the Tesla 4 year extended warranty on it. I plan to get a refund if sold ($4K-ish I think, this was discounted). New owner is welcome take it at cost.
When I bought it, a full charge showed 326 miles range, 2 years and 26K it shows 324 miles range !! I know how to take care of my batteries :)
Yes, it has been to super charged dozens of times.
It has never seen a Service Center.
All photos taken day of this posting, except one to show Summer wheels.
Always garaged.
Total transparency, I AM a pet owner. Two small, well behaved shelties that ride in the back ;)
There is one scratch in the lower front drivers side bumper, you can see in 1st photo. No other nick or dings that I know of.

I sold my Model 3 Stealth on this forum a couple years ago, see post by new owner.

2018 Model 3 Performance (Stealth with FSD) MSM

I’m looking for $90K firm, which is a very good price given the market. Any lower and I’ll keep it. I’m not going to need it much for the next 9 months.
I plan to get another S or X. I’m really on the fence about selling this, so don’t expect price drops. I absolutely love this vehicle. I’m a bit concerned about the Yoke.

You can contact me at mswlogo AT if I don’t respond here.


There is a glass screen protector on it.


This photo was a month ago with the Summer wheels on


“It’s her dog fur, not mine”


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