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Electric vehicle revolution brings changes to Minnesota garages

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The monumental effort underway to build a public electric vehicle charging network across the United States involves intense planning and billions of dollars.

But one of the linchpins in the electric vehicle revolution is not on the highway. It’s at home on the wall of the garage or apartment building.

The vast majority of electric vehicle (EV) charging takes place at home, after all. Home owners with garages are the easiest part of the charging puzzle, and there’s a brisk business in upgrading residential chargers in Minnesota. It can be more complicated for multi-unit dwellers — particularly for renters, where the lack of charging access is a major barrier to driving electric, and a serious equity issue.

It’s all a paradigm shift in the way we drive, said David Ranallo, whose title at Maple Grove-based Great River Energy includes “director of culture.”

“People are so used to comparing the old model of driving — you see a Kwik Trip on every corner — and so people naturally expect that that is what is required of EV infrastructure to do the same sort of driving,” Ranallo said. The gas-stations-everywhere model falls away when people mainly charge at their origin or destination, he said.

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