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Prices Released for Cupra Rival To Tesla Model S, But Can’t Quite Match the EV Range

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Cupra isn’t the household name, especially if you’re not in a country where they sell cars. But the lesser-known performance-oriented sibling company to the VW-owned Spanish SEAT is now dabbling in the all-electric market. With their all-electric performance hatchback, Born.

This new sporty EV features the equivalent of a 200 horsepower (150 Kilowatt) electric motor. That power figure should work out to a range of around 263 miles per full charge in the new EV, per the latest official press release. This battery range is comparable to many mid-range electric offerings from other manufacturers such as GM, Hyundai, and Nissan.

Born will be only the second bespoke vehicle to feature under the separate Cupra brand. Behind the Formentor SUV, released last year. Others like the Leon and the Ateca had their start under the SEAT brand before the Cupra split in the late 2010s. As such, Born will need to have some desirable features if the fledgling brand wants to last very long.

That’s where Cupra’s new EV shouldn’t disappoint. With three highly specific trim packages ranging from V1 to V3, there should be plenty of options and features to pick from. In addition, for every trim package increase, you gain one inch more in your alloy wheel package, from 18-inches at the bottom to 20″ at the top.

Happily, most of the really cool features like a 12-inch touch screen infotainment center and multicolored interior lighting come as standard in the base V1 package. Prices start at £33,735 ($44,567) for the base V1 and top at £37,375 ($49,376) for the range-topping V3. That’s firm Tesla Model 3 territory. The only way the Cupra can contend with competition like that is to have palpably more value for the money.

Compared to what the overlords from Austin, Texas can offer, at the very least. Whoever comes out on top remains to be seen. Your move, Elon Musk. Expect European Cupra EV deliveries in the first quarter of 2022. Check back for updates and potential reviews here on autoevolution

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