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EV charging station makers see rise in demand from realtors

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Companies providing charging stations are seeing an increase in demand from real estate developers and residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) in several cities as more people are buying electric vehicles (EVs).

While companies are forming partnerships with builders for projects that are still in the planning stages, demand is also arising from housing societies and old colonies that are willing to invest in EV charging stations.

“The EV market has been growing on the back of a government push. But now more people also want to move to environmentally friendly modes of transportation, and that’s visible from the demand we are getting from housing societies and RWAs, ” said Sumit Dhanuka, founder, ElectriVa, a leading EV charging startup.

The company recently bagged a major contract from the Delhi government authorities to set up EV charging infrastructure at key locations.

“The expansion of the charging infrastructure segment required this sort of a push. We are working out different models to work with the resident associations as affordability and cost are major factors for them,” said Dhanuka.

Kazam, which is creating EV friendly infrastructure by installing charging stations in apartments and residential areas in partnership with the government, is planning to install 10,000 charging stations, especially in apartment complexes.

“We have already tied up with partners in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Pune, and residents are willing to convert up to 10% of the total parking into an EV charging facility. Since cars remain parked at home for a long time, the majority of the charging will take place at home,” said Akshay Shekhar, co-founder of Kazam.

The company will invest nearly Rs 5 crore in the expansion.

“We expect the share of EVs to reach 8-10% in two wheelers, and over 30% in three-wheelers by 2025,” said Shekhar. “The penetration level in cars and trucks is likely to remain low in the medium term. Currently, we are focusing on chargers for all – two, three, and four-wheelers. We are also helping the RWAs with mobile apps for authentication, payment and operating in simple steps.”

Real estate developer Kalpataru is offering EV charging enabled parking at its upcoming projects. It provided this facility in some of its projects in the past as well.

“Electric mobility is the future of personal transport, as we grapple with the twin challenges of fuel cost unpredictability and achieving the nation’s target of net-zero carbon emissions,” said Parag Munot, managing director, Kalpataru. “With EV adoption expected to skyrocket in the coming years, it is critical to build EV-friendly ecosystems in homes and commercial spaces.”

The government is encouraging automobile manufacturers to ramp up local production of EVs to reduce the country’s dependence on crude oil imports and curb vehicular pollution.

“We are witnessing increased demand from real estate developers and even RWAs across multiple cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR (National Capital Region) and Hyderabad,” said Chandresh Sethia, co-founder of EVRE, an electric vehicle charging and battery swapping solutions provider. “Most of the current negotiations are with regards to a model that ensures zero capital expenditure by developers and housing societies.”

The startup has entered into separate pacts with large real estate firms, including Hiranandani Group, Mahindra Lifespace Developers and Bangalore Apartments’ Federation, an umbrella body of more than 1,000 registered housing societies in the city.

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