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Autotech Academy invests in IMI Student Membership

autotech academy internship

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has announced its IMI Student Membership has received sponsorship from Autotech Academy.

The sponsorship will allow the IMI to widen awareness of its courses, qualifications, and resources it offers to students.

The investment will also and provide qualified students with a route to immediate employment following qualification, through postings of internships and temporary jobs on the Autotech Group jobs board.

Autotech Academy was launched earlier this year to provide qualified automotive college leavers with a gateway into the industry through a paid internship.

Gavin White, chief executive officer at Autotech Group, said the company’s sponsorship of IMI Student Membership comes at a critical time in the future of automotive.

He said: “IMI data has recently identified the enormous gap in skills for the automotive revolution, from ADAS to electrification.

“But we have an even bigger concern which is that the automotive sector is simply not attracting young people in the way it needs to. Yet it is one of the most dynamic sectors in which to work.

“We are, therefore, excited that Autotech Academy is sponsoring the IMI Student Membership to extend awareness of why working in automotive is such a great career choice.”

Marshall Motor Holdings chief executive Daksh Gupta has called for OEMs to accelerate cuts to their franchised networks as part of efforts to solve the retail sector’s staffing crisis.

Gupta told AM that reducing the number of dealerships across the UK was a sure-fire way to slow a staffing crisis resulting from wage inflation and a shortage of candidates to fill the sector’s growing list of vacancies.

The IMI warned that there will be a shortfall of almost 36,000 EV-trained technicians by 2030 if retraining isn’t addressed urgently.

In August 2021, the IMI called for a £15 million investment in EV technician training from the Government.

The IMI Student Membership, which is free to all students, offers a range of technical support resources as well as educational webinars. It also provides access to discounts to services that are useful for students, plus a dedicated Student Resource hub, said the IMI.

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI added: “The IMI has been working closely with the Autotech Group for several years now, extending learning opportunities through webinars and resources.

“Both organisations have the same mission to bring new talent into the sector and provide the support to nurture the individuals who want to make automotive their career.

“This new partnership will take the support to the next level, not only extending the range of resources available to students, including a programme of webinars, but also providing qualified students with the steppingstones to their new career through postings on the Autotech temporary jobs board.”

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