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More apartments in Bengaluru may have EV charging stations

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By Express News Service

BENGALURU: Representatives from BESCOM and the Department of Industries and Commerce have showed support for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at apartment complexes in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Apartment Federation (BAF) launched a campaign to promote the installation of EV charging stations at apartment complexes in the city. Titled ‘E-Vaahana’, the green mobility campaign was launched last Thursday, with Industry Department Commissioner Gunjan Krishna and BESCOM Managing Director Rajendra Cholan expressing their support.

“This campaign is the need of the hour to promote electric vehicles in Bengaluru. BESCOM itself has been working with other ESCOMs and other administrations to establish charging stations across districts, as well as on highways,” said Rajendra Cholan, mentioning that the goal is to establish at least 500 more charging stations by March next year.

“EVs play a very important role in our goal of helping reduce the global temperature. There are many challenges in creating a new ecosystem for vehicles, but here people and communities put together can come and ensure that we’re building the right ecosystem,” said Gunjan Krishna. She also highlighted that the department had been active in trying to solve various infrastructural challenges in terms of EVs, as well as helping with subsidies, incentives and lower tariffs.

The BAF president said the campaign was to help spread awareness on the importance of switching to EVs. One of the biggest problems regarding the switch is the lack of charging stations, which is why the campaign focuses on helping apartments install them. The campaign also has the support of various major and minor EV-charging vendors.

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