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The Miraculous Engineering Of Tesla: 2 Teslas Fall Off A Cliff, Everyone Walks Away

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There are two separate incidents in recent weeks where a Tesla fell off a cliff and all of the occupants in both vehicles survived the crashes. One took place in Puerto Rico and the other took place in Utah. Both happened during Thanksgiving week, with the one in Utah happening on Thanksgiving Day.

In Puerto Rico, the vehicle that fell off a cliff was a Tesla Model S P90D. Elias Sobrino Najul tweeted images of the accident and pointed out that the driver walked out alive with only a scratch on the arm. Najul thanked Elon Musk for the innovative safety of the Tesla.

The second accident took place in South Jordan, Utah, and was reported by KSLTV. The crash happened on Thanksgiving Day and the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

The article noted that the police suspected the driver was speeding when he lost control of the car and flew past the guardrail at 11:30 pm. In the vehicle were his six nieces and nephews. Police noted that only one of the children had their seatbelts on.

The arresting documents noted that only one of the six children was wearing their seatbelt and the four-year-old was not in a child seat. The driver was booked on several charges including suspicion of driving under the influence with a minor, reckless driving, and several other charges.

The homeowner whose family was woken up, Jeremy Lindley, said that it felt like his wall was failing in some way and that the vehicle didn’t stop but flew down the 30-foot drop.

“I think it took all three trees out,” said Lindley. “We didn’t see any marks in the ground between here and there. It appears that it came through the air, all the way from there to here.”

It landed in their backyard and his wife, Amber Lindley, emphasized how loud the crash was.

“It was so loud. There were three really loud bangs and then followed by just debris, sand, and rocks hitting our window. I have never heard anything like that before.”

The couple quickly rushed outside to help and Amber said that all she saw was this mangled up car.

“As I got closer to the car, I could hear screaming, and so I knew that there were people obviously inside and they needed to get out.”

Jeremy noted that they weren’t able to open the driver’s side but were able to open the passenger’s side. He added that there were several children piled in there. He also added that as he was pulling the children out, he kept thinking that he would see the severe injuries eventually. After mentally preparing himself for this, he finally pulled out the last person — and no one was injured.

Miraculously, everyone walked away from that crash with only minor injuries. The Lindleys called this the worst thing that never happened. Amber pointed out the obvious — this was a miracle.

“I really feel like it’s a miracle, it’s going to be okay. The kids are going to be okay, we’re going to be okay, and we’re just so thankful and grateful.”

Tesla’s Engineering Is That Of Miracles

Tesla’s cutting-edge technology and focus on safety is something that isn’t widely known despite several of our articles and those on other EV news sites and blogs pointing these out. You can read some of our pieces on the topic here and here, and Tesla’s 2018 explanation here.

Unfortunately, there’s widespread misinformation and misunderstanding that Teslas are less safe than other vehicles, even though they have scored the best safety scores in history and there are many examples of miracles like this.

As Elon Musk has said several times before, including somewhat recently in response to a CleanTechnica article, safety is always Tesla’s #1 priority when designing a new vehicle.

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