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StreetLight Data Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Dashboard to Enable Charger Planning

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New analytics empower state agencies to optimize billions in EV infrastructure spend based on accessibility and other regional mandates

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) December 02, 2021

President Biden’s historic infrastructure bill includes $7.5 billion in funding towards a national network of charging stations that will play a crucial role in boosting the EV revolution. StreetLight Data, Inc. (StreetLight), the leader in Big Data analytics for mobility, today unveiled StreetLight’s EV charging dashboard to inform the planning and rollout of EV charging infrastructure.

StreetLight’s EV charging dashboard offers powerful analytics to help optimize EV chargers based on policy goals, such as making charging accessible for existing EV drivers, promoting EV adoption for lower-income populations, remediating air quality, or facilitating long-haul trucking. In just three clicks, the dashboard highlights gaps in the existing charging infrastructure based on a chosen priority and helps prioritize locations for the next EV charger sites in a region.

“The map of EV Charger deployment can vary widely depending on what we want to achieve with these tax-payer supported stations. We want policymakers and practitioners to be aware of these differences, and to make data-driven choices at the outset of this massive investment,” said Laura Schewel, CEO and co-founder of StreetLight Data. “A first of its kind tool, our simple to use EV charging dashboard will help more effectively deploy infrastructure dollars today and inform the cleaner and more equitable transportation ecosystem of our future.”

Whether the goal is equity, long-distance freight, or tourism, this unique interactive tool provides insights to prioritize Level-2 networks, which recharge vehicles over longer periods; or super-fast Level-3 networks to support long-distance travelers. With data and analytics geared towards an electric future, planners can now develop criteria to shape policies and ensure more Americans can access chargers where they live, work, and drive.

StreetLight’s interactive dashboard uses comprehensive vehicle travel data, demographics, existing charging station deployment and EV adoption data, trucking travel data, and environmental information to identify where chargers should be placed to meet explicit goals, such as providing access to lower-income people or those affected by high levels of air pollution.

To explore StreetLight Data’s interactive EV charger dashboard, visit StreetLight’s EV charging dashboard is currently accessible for free to all researchers, policymakers, city leaders, and the general public.

StreetLight has an upcoming three-part webinar series, highlighting everything one needs to know to plan for EV Infrastructure and efficiently use funding. The webinars will focus on three key aspects: How to identify gaps in the existing charging network, how to forecast EV’s demand to be future-ready with Volta’s PredictEV™ tool, and ways to identify optimal EV site locations. Register for the three-part webinar series here,

About StreetLight Data

StreetLight Data pioneered the use of Big Data analytics to help transportation professionals solve their biggest problems. Applying proprietary machine-learning algorithms to over four trillion spatial data points over time, StreetLight measures diverse travel patterns and makes them available on-demand via the world’s first SaaS platform for mobility, StreetLight InSight®. From identifying sources of congestion to optimizing new infrastructure to planning for autonomous vehicles, StreetLight Data powers more than 10,000 global projects every month.

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