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FWO & Dewan Motors to install first EV charging station on motorway

FWO signing

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and Dewan Motors recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to install Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on the motorway.

The first charging station will be set up on M-2 at Bhera Main Service Areas. This will facilitate the easy movement of EV owners between Lahore and Islamabad.

As per the MoU, EV charging stations will be established at various points on Pakistan’s main thoroughfares. Therefore, FWO, along with Dewan Motors, intends to establish charging stations on the Swat Expressway, the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, and other areas along the M-2 motorway.

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Pakistan currently lacks a sufficient number of EV charging stations, making it difficult for people to shift to EVs despite them being better for the environment. The country’s first EV station was set up in Islamabad at the Pakistan State Oil (PSO), F-7 Markaz by Barqtron Energy Company. Additionally, Shell and K-electric also inaugurated a rapid charging station earlier this year. However, FWO and Dewan Motors will install the motorways’ first EV charging stations.

EVs to help curb air pollution    

This is certainly a welcoming development especially since the government is actively engaged in curbing the deterioration of the environment in densely populated areas, for example, Lahore, which has critically high levels of air pollution.

To combat air pollution, the government is taking strong actions. One of them is promoting EVs in Pakistan.

Under its proposed Automobile Policy 2021-2026, the Federal Government is envisioning removal of duties on imported EVs, a 1% tax on EV parts for local manufacturing, 1% sales tax for locally assembled EVs of up to 50kwh (sedans), and light commercial vehicles.

The government has also proposed no Federal Excise Duty on EVs, 1% duty on imported EV charging equipment, and aims to allow for duty-free importing of machinery for the local manufacturing of EVs.

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Read More: FWO & Dewan Motors to install first EV charging station on motorway


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