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Driving Your Tesla in the Snow

Hello all

This brief period of snowy weather has given me my first chance of driving my Tesla Mode 3 in the snow.

Having grown up in Maine USA where we regularly get 12 inches of snow in a single day, I’m pretty used to driving in frequent and deep snow. I admit I do sometimes roll my eyes at claims of snow in the U.K. as it rarely amounts to anything that should cause the level of chaos that happens.

But what’s your experience of snow driving in your Tesla? How’s the traction compared to other cars? Have you had to use ‘slip start’ to get unstuck?

Are there any Tesla specific issues or EV specific issues with driving in snow?

On my brief drive earlier, I noticed that regen breaking seemed to break traction on a downhill snowy section approaching a junction. I think I could have avoided this with pure friction breaks.

Also I did a ‘break test’ in a large empty snowy private car park and noticed that the ABS didn’t always keep me pointing straight and required some driver intervention to steer into the skid which I wasn’t expecting.

I think I’ve found the limits of traction on my Michelin Pilot Sport tyres. If I was in Maine USA I would have snow tyres on my car by this point in the year. I cant justify a separate set of wheels and tyres here for the infrequent U.K. snow. Not really a fan of snow chains either.

What are your Tesla snow driving experiences?

Show us a pic of your Tesla in the snow!

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